Episode Nine - A Deep Conversation

May 3, 2018

In a break from our usual inane topics, we actually talk about serious things, including cars! We promise this is only a short diversion from our regularly scheduled ADD.

Ashton gets us off on a strange foot by inadvertantly asking Jonathon a super loaded question (sorry about that). This leads to a digression about writing through pain and using writing as a means of processing emotion. Ashton wants it known that he really wanted to ask about the V8 Bentayga, but he just decided to be dumb that day.

Manual rescued us by talking about the new Polaris Rzr Turbo S, which he got to drive around. He gave it a rave review, and then we were promptly side-tracked by a story of someone else flipping one, because why not? Anyways, the takeaway is that it's a mini trophy truck, and that's awesome.

Then, we talk about the pure bundle of insanity that was the Geneva Motor Show! Ashton falls in love, again, with the Rimac Concept two. Jonathon drivels on about the Intensa Emozione, and Ashton promptly rains on his parade, and then Manuel announces that he likes the wrong hypercar (guess who writes these show notes). Everyone got a good chance to hate on how ugly the new McLaren Senna is, and we all anxiously await the new BB23.

In more consequential news, Ashton has very strong opinions why self driving cars are going to arrive much more rapidly than most people think they will, and why they will be more popular than you think.

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