Episode Nine - A Deep Conversation

May 3, 2018

In a break from our usual inane topics, we actually talk about serious things, including cars! We promise this is only a short diversion from our regularly scheduled ADD.

Ashton gets us off on a strange foot by inadvertantly asking Jonathon a super loaded question (sorry about that). This leads to a digression about writing through pain and using writing as a means of processing emotion. Ashton wants it known that he really wanted to ask about the V8 Bentayga, but he just decided to be dumb that day.

Manual rescued us by talking about the new Polaris Rzr Turbo S, which he got to drive around. He gave it a rave review, and then we were promptly side-tracked by a story of someone else flipping one, because why not? Anyways, the takeaway is that it's a mini trophy truck, and that's awesome.

Then, we talk about the pure bundle of insanity that was the Geneva Motor Show! Ashton falls in love, again, with the Rimac Concept two. Jonathon drivels on about the Intensa Emozione, and Ashton promptly rains on his parade, and then Manuel announces that he likes the wrong hypercar (guess who writes these show notes). Everyone got a good chance to hate on how ugly the new McLaren Senna is, and we all anxiously await the new BB23.

In more consequential news, Ashton has very strong opinions why self driving cars are going to arrive much more rapidly than most people think they will, and why they will be more popular than you think.

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Project Stork Special

April 23, 2018

Three and a half of your favorite podcasts have come together to make a joint episode.

Nominally about cars, we talk about whether Luftgekühlt is over, watches, the Coastal Range Rally, french fries, and other things. But the star of the show was our ill fated attempt to get Manuel's car, Project Stork, running in time for it to meet up with its mates at Luftgekühlt. Listen to all the dumbass things we did trying to get the car that Manuel was conceive in* running again.

So really, it's a story about friendship.


* This is not true, we hope.


Episode Eight - Reaching New Heights

April 9, 2018

In this hard hitting episode of Counter Steer we start off with a big argument about ... accents? That's a strange way to start a car podcast, but let's roll with it.

On the actual subject of cars, Ashton gives a review of the new Audi A4, spoiler alert: it's not good. This sets of a discussion of the current state of luxury cars vs. non-luxury cars, and what in the hell the Germans are thinking. 

We try and figure out if there are any cars today that have enough horse power for one Mr. Jonathon Klein, and he struggles to answer. This SEGWAYS beautifully into his review of the Buick Regal GS, which does not have enough horsepower for him.

And Manuel, well, Manuel helped create this episode's title all by himself. Listen and see.


Episode Seven - Agreement on Everything But the Fish?

March 16, 2018

We're still a car podcast, we swear! Jonathon talks about his time in a reproduction Ferrari F312, Manuel discusses his plans for his first real review of the Corvette, and Ashton continues to be pedantic.


Oh, we also argue about sushi. That's just how we roll.


Even though we forgot to record ads, we're professionals, this episode is brought to you by Lucid from Totem Nutrition. Fans of countersteer can use the code COUNTERSTEER2018 for 15% of their first order.


Episode Six - Things Change

March 1, 2018

Oh the more things change! Two thirds of the podcast's host are now now out selling kidneys stories for fun and profit, albeit for very different reasons.

We also belatedly catch up with what we saw at the LA and Detroit auto shows, including the new i8 roadster, the beloved Civic Type R, and of course the much vaunted Mercedes Project One.

Also, Matt Clarke gets his fifth call out in the show, which has to be a record.


Episode Five - We Got Grunk

February 24, 2018

This episode is a love poem to the Aston Martin. We love the way they look, we love the way they drive, we love the way they make you feel special, and we love the way they .... smell? Okay, that's a bit weird, but we love Aston Martin.

How did we get here? Well, Jonathon might have jumped a DB11 on the instructions of Aston Martin employees. Might have, we won't say. We also discuss how have fun during a press day with a car, and how not to get arrested.

Also, Ashton ruins a pair of underwear looking at the new Aston Martin Vantage. 


Episode Four - Tortured Artists

February 17, 2018

Is it a good idea to create a podcast with a bunch of artists? Listen and find out.


Episode Three - Expand Your Brains

January 27, 2018

In a surprising twist, episode three is actually about cars! The guys talk about drifting, the "new" McLaren BB23, crashed supercars, and classic Bugattis. 


Episode Two - It Gets Ugly

December 30, 2017

The boys go from complete agreement to all out argument in ten seconds flat. Will there be enough good will left for episode three?


Episode One - All Aboard the Struggle Bus

December 22, 2017

Your three lovable hosts get together, figure out how microphones work, and get down to business.